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SD 73 yr old, West Vancouver

"...I had bypass surgery 4 years ago and it worked well for a few years. Only until recently, I started experiencing pain in the chest again. My cardiologist told me to do another bypass but I was scared. My friend told me how chelation had helped him so I contacted Dr. Santos and asked him for his advice. He put me on chelation and other iv treatments three times a week for a few months. I must say it really helped me out. I no longer use my nitro and I feel healthier than ever. .."

SS 65 yr old, Burnaby

"I came into Dr Santos's office to ask for help with my lack of concentration and numbness on my hands. I had some sort of "brain fog". My doctor evaluated me for everything but didn't really know what was going on. Dr. Santos's tested me for heavy metals and I found out my lead was off the chart! We started chelation immediately and my brain fog went away and I started to get feeling in my hands again. I work with cars so no wonder I was so toxic. Thank again for the help guys..."

NM 73yr old, Port Moody

"...I came in with chest pain when I exercised and was on a ton of medication. I started chelation and Dr Santos put me on supplements to help me reduce the amounts of medications I was taking. I hate popping pills but I needed to because of my condition. I talked to other patients in the IV room doing chelation and they were doing well. I was optimistic and I hoped this would be the answer to my angina. I would hate to do surgery. I did the full course and I must say it was the best investment I made. My angina went away." 

PA 60yr old, Vancouver

"...I couldn't walk a block without resting. My legs were in so much pain. I am on aspirin, blood pressure meds, cholesterol meds, plavix, the list went on and on. It was annoying. I needed help so I went to Dr. Santos after being referred by a friend. He did chelation and other ivs, after a few months I could start walking farther without pain. It really worked well for me."

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GD 25 year old, Squamish

"I am an active skier and snowboarder and I started getting this sharp pain in the bottom of my feet. My friend who was a patient of Dr. Santos told me to try prolotherapy because it worked well for his ankles. I gave Dr. Santos a call and we started treatment immediately. I was quite scared of the needle at first but afterwards it wasn't so bad. I must say after just one treatment I pain went away! It was unbelievable because I tried just about everything. I still go back once in a while for more injections because it helps me out so much."

HC, Vancouver BC

I am an active triathlete who likes competing in marathons and ironman.  I had a lot pain in both of my calves and glutes from overuse.  Another naturopath,
Dr. Julie Moore, recommended I see Dr. Santos for Traumeel injections.  At that time I didn't know about prolotherapy.  As Dr. Santos introduced me to this
type of therapy, I got better and faster.  With prolotherapy, my body was holding pretty well while still averaging 100+km/week of running mileage in peak season.  I am sure I would have to have reduced this schedule or have been sidelined with an injury if not for prolotherapy. Within the 3 months that I saw him, I have reached new PBs in the 10k (36:48) and half marathon (1:23:02).  I feel like I have new legs now and can't wait to compete in my next marathon and Ironman!

"Courage is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm." - Winston Churchill

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LD 45 year old, Burnaby BC

"I saw the clinic's ad on mesotherapy in the local newspaper. Fat loss by injection? Where do I sign up! I did exercise and dieted a bit but couldn't lose fat on my hips for some reason. So when I read about this treatment I thought that this can be the solution to my problem. Dr. Santos Said that my hips weren't that bad and was somewhat reluctant to treat me at first. But I convinced him and boy am I happy. I lost 2 and a half inches off my hips and I am more confident than ever...."

AA 54 year old, Burnaby BC

"I would like to say thank you Dr. Santos for helping me get back into shape. I've gained 20 lbs of fat in the last 3-4 years and I really didn't know why. I exercised the same amount and watched what I eat but I was still gaining weight. Unfortunately, Dr Santos says its because of a slower metabolism. He suggested to add the mesotherapy into my program. Week by week we started to see the inches drop off my waist. But the end of 5 sessions I lost about 4 inches, problem solved."

ED 34 year old, Vancouver BC

"...After having my 3rd child for some reason my body could not shed off the fat. My previous pregnancies was not a problem, but this time it was different. I was so depressed and was looking for help. I was seriously considering liposuction but I frightened about the idea. I saw them do it on tv. I came across mesotherapy and Dr. Santos's website. It seemed to make sense to me. I went in for a consultation and Dr. Santos explained everything to me. He put me on a program by fixing my diet a bit and he told me to increase the intensity of my workouts. Then we did the mesotherapy. I was so scared of the needles but it was actually painless. After 3 months the fat was shedding off, I got my body back and am so happy!..."

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Hydrogen peroxide

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Naturopathic medical care

AD 34 year old, Burnaby BC

"...I had been diagnosed with fibromylgia. I felt like I can't do anything. I just wanted to stay home all day. I was desperate...I saw Dr. Santos and he really explained to me what was going on. We tested my adrenals, thyoid and blood and found out my adrenals were really low. He put me on ozone detox and some IV therapies and some pills. After the first week my energy and sleep improved. Then after a month my energy went up really high and my pain went away. Thank god! I come back now and then for more IVs for maintenence..."

RW 22 year old, Richmond BC

"I went to Dr. Santos in August 2006 with extreme fatigue and weakness. I thought I had a weak thyroid, but Dr. Santos found out that while my thyroid was slightly low, it was really my adrenals that were weak. This made sense since I had gone through a very stressful time about 18 months beforehand.
     Anyway while my ordinary western doctors were telling me that there was nothing wrong (even though I felt really bad), Dr. Santos prescribed a program to restore my adrenals.  After a couple of weeks, my energy levels were up and I felt back to my bright, happy self. I feel like I can accomplish so much more and a bonus is that I lost close to 15 pounds. I wasn’t doing this to lose weight (I wasn’t overweight before) but there were parts of my body I was unhappy with and now I just feel really beautiful and energetic."

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Colds and flu

Acute infections can be quite debilitating especially to an immunocompromised or elderly individual. Photoluminescence and Hydrogen peroxide therapy can be used to help fight the infection. Treatments are typically performed everyday for up to 3 days. Patients will notice a reduction in symptoms in 2 days. These treatments work by stimulating the immune system and killing the infection directly.