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Table of contents

  1. Key Benefits
  2. Introduction to Plaquex
  3. Amazing results with Plaquex
  4. Plaquex reduces Calcium scores
  5. What is Plaquex?
  6. Why does Plaquex work?

Key Benefits

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  • Removes atherosclerotic plaque
  • Lowers LDL Cholesterol
  • Increases HDL Cholesterol
  • Gets rid of angina pectoris
  • Improves walking distance
  • Improves mental function
  • Improves sexual function

Introduction to Plaquex

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Two years ago physicians at a Medical Center in Switzerland stumbled onto a generic product isolated from soybeans, which had been tested clinically 20 years prior for treatment of patients severely ill with coronary artery disease. 20 patients suffering from re-occuring angina pectoris pain and being sustained on beta-blockers and nitro-glycerine products were entered into the program, which consisted of the infusion over a period of 90 minutes of the above solution 3-5 times per week for a total of 20-40 treatments. To the amazement of the researchers, 19 patients who finished the treatment protocol were completely asymptomatic and free of medication.

Amazing results with Plaquex

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Based on the above results, the Medical Center in Switzerland initiated their own clinical study on a small group of severely ill patients, two of whom already had undergone two by-pass operations and had been sent home to die, one patient with two angioplasties behind her and still suffering from angina pectoris and a fourth patient documented by a Thallium Stress Test to have perfusion problems of his heart. A fifth patient who was a candidate for amputation and a sixth patient who had undergone a leg thrombosis with grave circulation problems were added to the program and are described here also.

The results on the by-pass patients after 40 treatments with our protocol were unbelievable. Both patients became more mentally alert, sexually active and were completely free of symptoms and completely free of medication. Follow-up Thallium Stress Tests showed normal perfusion studies of the heart. The female patient with two angioplasties behind her showed the same results as the By-pass patients. She was completely free of symptoms after the series of treatments and totally free of all medications.

A follow-up Thallium Stress Test at the University Hospital in Basel, Switzerland showed a completely normal perfusion of the heart. The fourth patient showed remarkable improvement as well. More recently a male patient who was slowly becoming a candidate for amputation of his lower leg presented for treatment with Plaquex. Studies at the University hospital showed complete blockage of circulation to his right lower leg. This extremity showed typical signs of beginning gangrene with discoloration of the skin, no pulse, a lack of normal body temperature and above all pain.

Treatment was started immediately on this patient and he had 15 Plaquex treatments, the results were remarkable. Circulation was restored to his leg, with normal skin color, normal temperature. The patient can now walk 300 meters without pain. Secondarily, his hypertension has disappeared. He is now completely free of all medications. It is now planned to start him on 1000 mg daily of Super EPA supplements and simultaneously on chelation therapy.

A second patient, elderly female and mother of one of the physicians at this Medical Center, recently suffered from a small embolus in her leg with resultant circulation disturbances characterized with discoloration, loss of body temperature with pain, was started immediately on Plaquex treatment. After only 7 treatments her leg has returned to a normal color and temperature. The pain has subsided and secondarily her hypertension has disappeared with a stop in all of her medication. It is also planned to start her on Super EPA and chelation. The reason for starting both of these patients on chelation therapy is to treat their arterio-atherosclerosis by stabilizing the free radicals and removing the heavy metals from their body. They will both also receive orthomolecular supplementation as illustrated in the book by Dr. Collatz.

Because of the relative ease of Plaquex treatment, with no side effects, the remarkable results shown in comparison to classical chelation therapy, it is imperative that this treatment be passed on to other chelation physicians worldwide in order to add this treatment to their chelation protocol.

Plaquex reduces Calcium scores

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To measure the coronary calcium deposits and thereby the coronary plaques, the Fast CT exam was developed. A patient had a total calcium score of 1362.6 and a total of 13 lesions. After 30 Plaquex treatments the total score was 563.2 and 4 lesions.


  Before After
Vessel Lesions Calcium Score Lesions Calcium Score
LM 0 0 0 0
LAD 4 359.9 2 430.8
RCA 5 970.2 1 103.6
CX 4 32.5 1 28.7
Total 13 1362.6 4 563.2

What is Plaquex?

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Plaquex is a natural substance, that is part of every living cell (plant cell, animal cell and human cell). The exact chemical name is phosphatidylcholine. This is a molecule made of glycerine and 2 poly-unsaturated fatty acids. It belongs to the group of Di-Ester molecules.

All cell walls are mainly made out of phosphatidylcholine. 70% of a human cell wall is phosphatidylcholine and 30% is phosphatidylserin. In a watery solution, phospholipids build double layered membranes. In between the double layered phopholipid molecules structural proteins and also LDL cholesterol are inserted to help with the exchange of substances through the cell wall and to give the cell wall stability.

Figure of the structure of the cell membrane

Why does Plaquex work?

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Damage to the cell membrane leads to LDL cholesterol being thrown out of the membrane structure, leading to elevated LDL cholesterol in the blood serum. This damage to cell walls is caused by free radicals, toxic substances and detergents that reduce the surface tension. It can also be caused by heart catheters in narrow curves "scratching" the inner lining of the coronary vessels. This leads to a higher need for phosphatidylcholine. The body's own synthesis isn't enough to effect repairs. Thus scar tissue replaces the damage and plaques form inside of blood vessels. Therefore it is logical to supplement phosphatidylcholine by infusion when cell membrane damage exists. Oral supplementation is usually absorbed by the liver to repair liver damage and only minute amounts end up in other places. This is the reason oral phosphatidylcholine has little effect on blood vessels. In case of inflammation, damage to blood vessels can be stopped by phosphatidylcholine.

In addition LDL cholesterol is reintegrated into the cell membrane and the serum LDL cholesterol normalizes. LDL cholesterol that has been oxidized by free radicals is bound in to micelles by phosphatidylcholine and transported to the liver where it is metabolized or excreted with gall fluid. The viscosity of the blood the blood flow characteristics - is also improved.

The main place of action by Plaquex is the entire capillary net. The exchange of substances such as oxygen and nutrients is improved in all tissues.

Example of a patient with vascular disease

A 53-year old male patient presented with non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus since 5 years as well as an active hepatitis C infection of unknown cause and duration. He developed inflamed and swollen blisters on his first and second toes of his right foot over night. The head of the dermatological outpatient clinic at the University hospital of Basel Switzerland diagnosed a vaskulitis due to cryoglobulins caused by the hepatitis C infection.

Within a few days the tips of the toes turned purple and the danger of an amputation increased due to the reduced capillary blood flow caused by diabetes (left photo). We treated the patient locally with Low Level Laser therapy to promote wound healing and intravenously with Plaquex infusions to improve capillary blood circulation. After 3 weeks of treatment with a total of 10 Plaquex infusions and daily application of laser therapy we could promote granulation to the point that the wounds healed completely without sequelae (right photo).

Photo of foot before treatment Photo of foot after treatment

This 56 year old patient with insulin dependent diabetes mellitus suffered from an acute bout of vasculitis affecting all of his toes of the right foot and 2 toes of the left foot. After 6 months of a combined treatment with Plaquex and Low Level Laser as well as high doses of Vitamin C, his toes could be saved from amputation: bchelation vancouver BC chelation chelation vancouver BC burnaby BC chelation burnaby chelation chelation burnaby BC burnaby chelation vancouver naturopathic Vancouver Naturopathic Naturopathic Burnaby Burnaby Naturopathic burnaby ozone vancouver mesotherapy burnaby prolotherapy vancouver prolotherapy prolotherapy vancouver autism chelation burnaby DAN doctor vancouver alternative cancer treatments burnaby acupuncture vancouver naturopathic cancer burnaby mesotherapy vancouver diabetes chelation burnaby cardiovascular chelation vancouver plaquex vancouver plaquex burnaby alternative MS vancouver Alternative rheumatoid burnaby HIV ozone vancouver hepatitis ozone burnaby photoluminescence vancouver photoluminescence fibromyalgia burnaby alternative fibromyalgia vancouver chron's naturopathic burnaby ulcerative colitis naturopathic vancouver allergy naturopathic burnaby lyme ozone hyperbaric vancouver IBS naturopathic burnaby bioidentical hormones vancouver lipodissolve burnaby mesotherapy mesotherapy vancouver vancouver ozone ozone vancouver vancouver chelation vancouver alternative cancer alternative cancer vancouver intravenouse vitamin C intravenous vitamin C vancouver vancouver burnaby autism chelation autsitm chelation vancouve

Photo of foot before treatment Photo of foot after treatment
Photo of foot before treatment Photo of foot after treatment
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Bypassing bypass surgery

Heart disease is the number one killer among Canadians. Our Cardiovascular treatment program utilizes chelation, plaquex and ozone to help reduce plaque formation and increase blood flow and oxygenation to the tissues of the heart. We have seen many patients respond very well to this treatment.

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