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Infectious disease such as hepatitis, HIV, Hepatitis, lyme disease, EBV, Herpes Zoster, Chlamydia, Candida and other pathogens can be effectively treated using Photoluminescence, Ozone therapy and IV vitamin C therapy. Upon a weakened immune system viruses, bacteria and fugus can persist in the human body for months to years. This will typically lead to a variety of symptoms that may make it difficult to diagnose.

For example, chronic Chlamydia infections is linked to Cardiovasular disease. Surgical interventions will only target the symptom but the persistent Chlamydia infection will continue to form new plaque formation leading to persistent cardiovascular disease.

Removing infections and boosting the immune system is extremely valuable in preventing cancer. Chronic infections will distract our immune system from identifying cancer cells. Everyday our body accidentally produces cancer cells. Our white blood cells scan our bodies and identify such cells and kills them before they have a chance to grow and overburden our immune system.

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Heavy metal testing

Heavy metals are found in each and everyone of us. It is a ubiquitous environmental pollutant. Many of us also have mercury fillings in our mouths. Heavy metals are a powerful burden to our bodies. Heavy metals have been linked to autism, heart disease, Alzheimer, cancers and more.