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DAN (Defeat Autism Now) is an organization which is a leading research group, centered at the Autism Research Institute. One of the key tenants of the DAN Protocol is returning to a diet that is healthy.

A Gluten Free/Casein Free diet is also an important step toward implementing the DAN Protocol. This diet has been shown to have beneficial affects in children with autism and is a key component of the protocol. These substances often are found in laboratory blood tests that are done on children, as well as in urinary peptide tests. The DAN Protocol suggests specific lab testing that should be done, and provides a list of recommended laboratories to do these tests. These labs have been found to provide the best quality information about the test results and help the treating physician determine the priorities that must be addressed in each individual case. It is important to note that each child should be looked at on an individual basis, and there is no "cookie cutter" approach that can be taken for everyone.

Dietary supplementation is also a key ingredient of this treatment method. Many children on the spectrum have been found to have deficiencies in various vitamins and minerals. The combination of all of the above factors have been shown to have sometimes dramatic effects on children with autism, but the people at DAN are the first to admit that it is not a "cure all" and that all improvements may not be solely the result of the protocols. Autism is a complex illness, and there are multiple factors that may influence it's course.

Along with supplementation and dietary changes, Dr. Santos will perform Chelation on these children. Chelation is an important part of the treatment protocol. It will remove heavy metals such as mercury and lead that maybe disrupting the neurological function in these children. Methyl B12 injections are also prescribed to these children which typically results in improvements in speech. Mild hyperbaric treatments are now part of the protocol. Many clinics using hyperbarics are noticing great improvements in speech and behavior among these autistic children and we are noticing the same results. Dr. Buckley and Dr. Neubrander from the US are the leaders in using hyperbarics for autistic children.

Click on the link below for an article on Hyperbarics and autism:

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Heavy metal testing

Heavy metals are found in each and everyone of us. It is a ubiquitous environmental pollutant. Many of us also have mercury fillings in our mouths. Heavy metals are a powerful burden to our bodies. Heavy metals have been linked to autism, heart disease, Alzheimer, cancers and more.