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Vancouver  ECP (External Counterpulsation) Therapy

Our office is the only office in Western Canada to offer this clinically proven, non-invasive treatment for angina and congestive heart failure. ECP can reduce or even eliminate the symptoms of angina. It offers the realistic possibility of returning to normal, daily activities without pain, side effects or angina medication. 

How does ECP therapy work?

ECP therapy works by improving blood circulation throughout the heart muscle. It increases oxygen-rich blood throughout the heart and reduces its workload. ECP has shown to help build new pathways around blocked arteries by expanding networks of collateral blood vessels that facilitate blood flow to the heart. 

What occurs during the ECP therapy ?

Patients will be lying comfortably on a bed and fitted with a series of pressure cuffs on the calves, hips and thighs. The cuffs are will rapidly inflate and deflate in synchronization with the rythym of the heart.  The patient feels a sensation like a strong "hug" moving upward from the calves to the buttocks. 

How many treatments are needed?

Typically, a patient will require 35 one hour sessions daily, five days a week for 7 weeks. Most patients report a feeling of improvement as few as 10 treatments.

What are the benefits of ECP?

ECP therapy has demonstrated success in over 80 percent of patients treated, with significant improvement in relief of angina, increased endurance, and reduced dependence on medication.

It has been shown to reduce or eliminate the frequency and intensity of angina, ultimately; allowing patients to experience an improved quality of life and increased exercise tolerance.

Our cardiovascular rehabilitation program involves a combination of ECP treatments, chelation, supplements and oxygen therapy. This synergistic approach will dramatically enhance blood circulation and prevent further complications from cardiovascular disease.

Click on the PDF file below to read an article on ECP therapy

Article on ECP therapy

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Ozone therapy

Ozone has many different applications used to treat heart disease, cancer, infection, pain, hepatitis, ulcerative colitis and so on. It is a very powerful therapy that helps increase oxygenation, detoxification and immune stimulation. There are only a limited number of clinics in North America that offers this treatment. Dr. Santos is board certified to perform Ozone therapy.