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We have performed thousands of Acupuncture treatments at our office. We encourage many patients to undergo this therapy because it is highly effective for muscle pain. Often times we combine this treatment with PEMF therapy and prolotherapy. We utilize dry needling techniques (IMS) and traditional acupuncture techniqies. We will customize each patients acupuncture protocol based on clinical findings. The cost of each treatment is $50 and it takes about 30 minutes. Best results are acheived when it is performed twice a week for 2-4 weeks.

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Ozone therapy

Ozone has many different applications used to treat heart disease, cancer, infection, pain, hepatitis, ulcerative colitis and so on. It is a very powerful therapy that helps increase oxygenation, detoxification and immune stimulation. There are only a limited number of clinics in North America that offers this treatment. Dr. Santos is board certified to perform Ozone therapy.